Oregon Farm for Sale – Land For Sale Near Astoria Oregon

Nearly 100 Acres of Oregon Farmland for sale near Astoria, Oregon.   Once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire over 94 acres of land on two tax lots of farm & forested property bordered on three sides by Oregon State Forestry & private timberland. 100 year old apple orchard with staggered harvest times, 2 land owner preference tags, barn, cement floored shop with loft and attached covered parking, hay barn, fenced in garden area. Home has pastoral & orchard views, an updated kitchen, wood deck, wood burning fireplaces & attached double car garage. Contact us today for a tour of this incredible property before Christopher Robin beats you to it.    See more here

Farm for sale Astoria Oregon

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Just Sold! Astoria, OR Victoria Era Home

There was an overwhelming response to this listing at 737 Jerome Ave in Astoria, OR.

This Victorian Era home built in 1896 is located just blocks away from downtown Astoria.

The views of the Columbia River are just amazing from this neighborhood!

Multiple offers came in just days after going on the market. This means that there are qualified buyers looking for homes in this area.

If you would like a complimentary market analysis for your home, please give us a call at 503-724-2400.

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Price Reduction in Hammond!


This 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath town home next to the Hammond Marina is now priced at $239,900!

This town home was built in 2008. Some of the features include an open floor plan, stainless steel appliances, attached one car garage, small backyard, second story balcony, and mater bedroom with en suite.

Outside there are even hookups for an RV for your personal use or convenient for guests traveling to the area. This town home would be perfect as a vacation rental, second home, or permanent residence. There is no HOA fee for this residence!

The neighborhood is nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and grocery stores in Warrenton. Live close to the Hammond Marina with access to world class fishing on the Columbia River the gateway to the Pacific Ocean via the Columbia River Bar.


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Contact me today for more information on this one of a kind home!

Phone: 503-724-2400

Email: christy@christychaloux.com

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Warrenton Multi Family Unit For Sale

New on the market! 6 unit, multi family property for sale in Warrenton Oregon!

This investment property is less than a mile to shopping centers, restaurants, and Warrenton schools. Each unit has been updated inside with new vinyl windows, carpet, and kitchen cabinets.

Warrenton Oregon is small coastal town located in Clatsop County Oregon. It is home to Fort Stevens State Park that is part of the Historical Lewis and Clark National and State Historic Parks. There is much to be discovered with beaches along the Pacific Ocean and fishing in the Columbia River. 

Commercial industry is growing within Clatsop County with growing small businesses, franchises, and talks of a new Data Center to draw in jobs from the Tech Industry. It’s no wonder the small town is growing with so much to offer!

Demand for housing is high in this area! It is very typical for rental units go quickly when they become available or keep long term renters.

All 6 units are currently rented. Four 2 bedroom, 1 bath units rent for $875 per month. One 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit rents for $645. One studio cabin, 1 bath unit rents for $675. Property includes a covered common area, large grassy backyard and garage for owner storage. To respect the privacy of the tenants, a showing can be scheduled for this property upon an accepted offer. Interior photos of one of the units that can be provided by request. Listing includes two tax lots : 32216 (RH- High Density Residential) + 32214 (C1).

Current listing price is $475,000. Call or email me for more information! 

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Update: Oceanfront Property in Warrenton Oregon

Update: November 13 2018

This listing Closed on November 7th! Congratulations to the new owners on this one of a kind property!

Vacant Lot adjacent to 89100 Ocean Dr. Listed at $220,000.

Unique opportunity to own property in the gated community of Surf Pines in Warrenton, OR off the Oregon Coast. The seller of this property is including detailed plans to build a one of a kind home. The construction bids include a modern beach home with garage & private guest suite that takes maximum advantage of the lot, its views, and its setting in coastal woods.

The house was designed by noted Portland architects Ernest Munch & Corey Omey. Mr. Munch has decades of design experience with high-end homes and has also designed many of Oregon’s finest wineries. The architects have retained their engineering notes & drawings for the property, and are ready to complete the project for a new owner, together with any modifications the Buyer wishes to make.

To see a video walk through of the property, click here for the Vimeo link!

You can also click here to see more photos and information about this listing.

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New Listing in Hammond

New Listing


1055 5th St.

Hammond, OR 97103

Enjoy the benefits of a town home without the HOA fees!

This 2 story home near the Hammond Marina features 2 bedrooms with one on each level. A full bath on the bottom level. A half bath on the second level near the living and dining area. The master bedroom features an en suite bathroom on the second level as well. Kitchen has updated stainless steel appliances and bar seating.

Each level has sliding doors to access the back decks.

Outside are peeks of the marina and Columbia river. Enjoy a small grassy backyard for you, kids, or pets. Hookups are available on the outside for an RV. If you are in the market for an investment property, this would be a perfect vacation rental!

Conveniently located near restaurants, shopping, and minutes from Fort Stevens State Park. Access to world class fishing on the Columbia River Bar or the Pacific Ocean. The City of Hammond is neighbor to Warrenton and Astoria Oregon. Located in the historic Lewis & Clark Trail. History of America is deep rooted in this location on the Oregon Coast. So much to do and see!

The Hammond Marina is a popular boat launch to the Columbia River. It is also famous for a popular scene in the movie “Free Willy” where the orca whale jumps to freedom!

Click this link to see more about this listing and watch the Virtual Tour!

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Empty Spaces

Do you have an empty corner or wall and no idea what to do with it?

Here are some ideas for making use of the awkward spaces in your home!



If you have space to spare, adding an art piece is a great way to fill it! In Astoria, there is no shortage of unique art and artists to choose from. Art is great way to create focus in a room by drawing the eye to the areas where they are placed. Art can bring purpose to a room that may have neglected space.



When in doubt, add a plant! Now maybe not just any plant. Think of something that you can take care of indoors and isn’t an eye sore. Succulents have grown in popularity over the last year. They are easy to take care of and many breeds come in different colors that together can create a beautiful arrangements.



Whether you want one for use as a mixing station or a caffeine station, a wet bar can make use of empty space. Most wet bars have a sink station but don’t think that you need to add plumbing to make the space work. These areas can be as simple or elaborate as you like. You can get creative with storage by putting in shelves on the wall near by, plugging in a mini fridge underneath, and installing some small useful storage devices.



Corners tend to gather shadows. Make use of the space to add in extra light! Adding an extra floor lamp or small lamp on an end table can make use of random corners. It can also make more sense to add in soft lights to areas like the living and bedroom areas.



Installing wall shelves or just placing bookshelves in an empty corner or wall can give you extra storage and decorative areas. Leave some space at the bottom of shelving to stash an ottoman or small seating chairs for when company comes over. Use the bottom of bookcases for storage.



Speaking of seating, empty areas can be used for a meeting or lounge area. Create a personal space for you to use next to a window or use for when you have guests. If you have the support for it, try to hang an indoor hammock or hanging chair!



If you love to peruse antique stores, maybe look more into what items would work for some empty spots in your home. Whatever you find, make sure that your antiques are on display and out of the way. You can gather unique finds that enhance the personality of your home and create some conversation to visitors.


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Don’t Let the Internet Replace Your Agent

Let’s face it. It’s 2018 and the term “There’s an app for that” rings very true. You can download apps to help you get a ride, have dinner delivered, or even check your health symptoms without ever actually speaking to another human being. For to sake of convenience these features are great but not when some of these tech trends try to creep into real estate.

Most of us can agree that simplifying some aspects of real estate would be a great thing but attempting to replace your real estate agent could lead to disaster. It’s true you can look on your phone or computer to search for a home or look up market data but at some point in your journey you will need a professional’s input.

The information you find online is just a simplified version of what actually goes in the process of buying or selling a home. Almost the same way that searching medical symptoms can give you a simplified description of illnesses but you are still expected to seek a doctor for treatment.

Although real estate agents and doctors are not the same thing, the industry and it’s legalities are similar because it needs to be taken seriously. Looking for a home and wanting to make an offer can be exciting but you will need a professional to help you with contacts and lead you to making that house your home.

Same if you want to sell your home! If you decide to put your home on the market, how will you know an offer that comes in is fair or not? It’s not just about the sale price of the home but the contracts that come into place after that. How will you know you are not being taken advantage of?

Once contracts fall apart, negotiations can’t be agreed on, and emotions are at an all time high you are going to wish you had an agent fighting for you by your side. So use the internet to take advantage of its amazing resources but don’t let it replace your agent.

Sometimes technology can’t do everything a professional can!

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Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

We all LOVE to talk about our favorite features in a home and the top trends. But can we take a moment to go over the things your home can live without? Some characteristics can detract rather than attract to a home’s beauty and turn off potential buyers. Here are some tips you can follow to get your home ready to sell!


1. Decorations


Out dated curtains, fake floral arrangements, photo frames, and knick knacks can grab the attention away from from the home’s natural charm. Put away all unnecessary items and clear up room on your surfaces. This enhances the open spaces that buyers are looking for. Do this before taking photos of your home too! Depending on your home inventory, you might need to store away items while your home is on the market.


2. Staging


Now that you are selling your home, imagine that you are putting on a play. You are setting a stage for the buyers to see themselves in. This is why #1 is key to start staging. Taking out your personal items gives buyers more imagination to see their pictures, decorations, and furniture in the home. Don’t forget to clean! Wipe down surfaces, dust, sweep, and vacuum before a home tour.


3. Outdoors


Staging, decluttering, and cleaning isn’t just isolated to the inside of your home. Think about the exterior and enhance your curb appeal. Clear out weeds, tree branches, and extra garden decorations. Maybe power wash your decks, porches, and siding of the home. Take into consideration the neighborhood charm. Do you live in a grassy suburb or close to the busy downtown? Stylize your outdoors to match your area! Think seasonally too! A fire pit in the winter months and a beautiful garden in the summer.


4. Odors


This could be a touchy subject. If you have fur babies (rabbits, dogs, cats, etc.) that live inside, you might consider deep cleaning your carpets. Be vigilant about vacuuming and washing surfaces. Invite a trusted friend or family member to come over for a smell test. Maybe light some candles or use scents that won’t be overpowering to anyone walking inside.

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Debunking Myths To Home Buying


Finally ready to make the transition into home ownership? That’s awesome, and in this exciting time you can be turning to friends and family for insight into the process. However, there seems to be a circulation of misinformation spreading around, so I’m here to clear up a few myths.



You know the saying, “Don’t put the cart before the horse,” well that’s important to remember when it comes to buying a home. You don’t want to start looking for a house until you have gotten to sit down with a lender and discuss what the bank will qualify you for. If you fall in love with a house that’s $350,000 and you’re only qualified for $300,000, you can get your hopes crushed and waste a lot of time. Don’t start the process on the wrong foot and make sure the numbers line up.



Having a real estate agent on your side means you’ll get to see homes that aren’t as readily available on public searches, you avoid outdated listings and scammers (there are lots of them), and you have protection when it comes to navigating the legalities of contracts and buying a home. Why wouldn’t you want an awesome negotiator working to ensure you get the best from the transaction?



Fortunately for some, this is a myth. Lenders and banks come by the hundreds of thousands and all though there are a few loan options, a lot of lenders can work with credit scores down to the low to mid 500’s. Get in touch with an agent to help you connect with the right lender who can help you potentially approved. There is a lot of factors that go into approvals, but your credit doesn’t have to be a sore thumb during the process. However, you will be doing yourself a favor if you connect with a credit repair specialist to at least get those numbers in the 600’s. A better score will lower you interest rate.



Think you have to sell an arm and a leg to buy a home? Not at all! An FHA loan only requires 3.5% while a conventional only requires 5%. There are a lot of programs that can potentially help you with down payment assistance or be 0% down mortgage. USDA and VA loans are the most popular 0% down programs. If you qualify, this can take a big chunk off the amount of cash you have to bring to the closing table. Talk to your lender about these programs and see what would work best for you!



This is one of the biggest misconceptions. There is a lot of cost that goes into buying a home and that includes upfront costs. Home Inspections are just one of the costs that you will incur in the home buying process. In certain markets, some of the closing costs can be negotiated for sellers to cover by rolling into the offer price, but whether that decision is smart to do or not when it comes to landing your dream home will need to be discussed with your agent.


Now that you have some knowledge to get the process started, get in touch me and I can help you get through the process as smoothly as possible.

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