Empty Spaces

Do you have an empty corner or wall and no idea what to do with it?

Here are some ideas for making use of the awkward spaces in your home!



If you have space to spare, adding an art piece is a great way to fill it! In Astoria, there is no shortage of unique art and artists to choose from. Art is great way to create focus in a room by drawing the eye to the areas where they are placed. Art can bring purpose to a room that may have neglected space.



When in doubt, add a plant! Now maybe not just any plant. Think of something that you can take care of indoors and isn’t an eye sore. Succulents have grown in popularity over the last year. They are easy to take care of and many breeds come in different colors that together can create a beautiful arrangements.



Whether you want one for use as a mixing station or a caffeine station, a wet bar can make use of empty space. Most wet bars have a sink station but don’t think that you need to add plumbing to make the space work. These areas can be as simple or elaborate as you like. You can get creative with storage by putting in shelves on the wall near by, plugging in a mini fridge underneath, and installing some small useful storage devices.



Corners tend to gather shadows. Make use of the space to add in extra light! Adding an extra floor lamp or small lamp on an end table can make use of random corners. It can also make more sense to add in soft lights to areas like the living and bedroom areas.



Installing wall shelves or just placing bookshelves in an empty corner or wall can give you extra storage and decorative areas. Leave some space at the bottom of shelving to stash an ottoman or small seating chairs for when company comes over. Use the bottom of bookcases for storage.



Speaking of seating, empty areas can be used for a meeting or lounge area. Create a personal space for you to use next to a window or use for when you have guests. If you have the support for it, try to hang an indoor hammock or hanging chair!



If you love to peruse antique stores, maybe look more into what items would work for some empty spots in your home. Whatever you find, make sure that your antiques are on display and out of the way. You can gather unique finds that enhance the personality of your home and create some conversation to visitors.


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